SAP Business One

The term “SAP” is often considered being expensive, complex & specific to large enterprises. SAP Business One however, is here to break stereotypes once and for all. It is designed for small to mid-size businesses that are looking for a paperless & integrated work environment.

SAP Business One solution is an ERP system which is highly affordable, easy to use & provides increased productivity by obtaining business data at a single centralized location enabling generation of up-to-the minute dashboards, reporting & analytics. It also enables organizations to get instant real-time insights and access to business information for faster, better and accurate decision-making.

SAP Business One Mobility

SAP understands the growing need of connectivity and allows users to gain immediate access to critical business information such as alerts, approvals, real-time reports, dashboards, inventory check, sales analysis etc, anytime, anywhere via SAP Business One mobility for iPhone and iPad.

SAP Cloud Computing

If you’re one of those companies who are looking for a complete centralized & streamlined business management system, but getting reluctant due to excessive requirement of maintaining and investing in on-premise infrastructure, then SAP Cloud should be the answer to your problems.

SAP Cloud has eliminated the need of costly hardware by enabling users to gain complete access to business information, applications & services over the internet. Companies can now enjoy enterprise solutions with reduced development time & lower IT costs.

Why Cloud Computing?

  • On premise systems are usually client liabilities but in case of cloud computing, both hardware & software operations & maintenance is provider’s responsibility.
  • Faster implementation
  • It allows users to gain access anytime & anywhere

SAP Cloud Computing is divided into 3 categories

  • Software as a services
  • Platform as a services
  • Infrastructure as a service

The cloud based SAP solutions are

Why Abacus Consulting?

Abacus Consulting has been SAP Gold Partner since 2010 and has completed over 400 SAP Business One implementations in the MENA region. Our qualified consultants, in-depth industry knowledge, business methodologies and world class delivery capability has helped us become one of the leading SAP Partners in the region.