Abacus and Apigee partnered to help organizations accelerate the pace of digital business, which will help in creating a connected digital experience for customers, partners and employees.

Apigee offers an Intelligent API Management solution, the Apigee Edge that addresses the entire digital value chain from the backend systems, to the customer who interacts with an app. Apigee Edge includes:

  • Simplified application development

  • Reporting and monitoring

  • Improve developer productivity

  • Secure and scale

For further details, contact us at digital@abacus-global.com

Why APIs are a necessity?

Digital transformation describes how companies are using to add a digital dimension to customer or partner experiences, change the way employees do their jobs, or add new digital or data-based lines of business. Get in shape for the digital world

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    APIs Provisioning & Publishing Discovery & Consumption

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    Developer portal, seamlessly scale to billions of API call, traffic policies & caching, advanced real-time analytics

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    Access control, role-based security, full-scale auditing & monitoring

Apigee Edge addresses your needs across the entire API lifecycle

  • Design

  • Develop

  • Secure

  • Publish

  • Scale

  • Monitor

  • Analyze

  • Monetize

Apigee Edge addresses your needs across the entire API lifecycle – from designing APIs to building them to scaling your API program and finally monetizing your APIs. Apigee Edge satisfies a number of your needs that would otherwise be very time consuming and costly to build and operate at scale.

APIGEE as a Solution

Abacus along with its partner Apigee empowers enterprises to gain the speed, scale, insight, and agility required to become a digital business.

  • Improve internal processes and gain operational efficiency
  • Expand cross channel and partner connectivity
  • Transform customer experience through intelligent data
  • Harness external creativity through open API programs